How to Become a Member of 317 Ryders MC

If you’re interested in membership here are some of the most common questions.

1.       Question: How much are dues?
Answer:  $25.00 a month

2.       Question: What do I get for my $25.00?
Answer: Discounts from major dealerships, save money when you travel with the club, Information regarding rides, motorcycle events and parties across the country.

3.       Question: What is required to become a member?
Answer: Complete a $30.00 application fee and finish a 90 day class/probation period.

4.       Question: Can I join if I don’t have a bike?
Answer:  Every class held in the spring will need to be 100% on iron (to have a motorcycle)  The number of members without a bike will not exceed 10% of the total membership.   All members are expected to own a motorcycle within one year of membership.

5.       Question: I quit a club 5 months ago, can I now join 317 Ryders M/C?
Answer: No.  You cannot become a member of 317 Ryders M/C until you have been out of your former club for a period of 1 full year.

6.       Question: What is the class and probation all about?
Answer:  It is called a class because it’s a time for you to learn about the club and our members and for the club and our members to learn about you.   There is no difference between probation and new class.

7.       Question:  Will I be hazed as a probate / New class member?
Answer: No! We do not ask our new class to do anything that would not be required of a full member.

8.       Question:  What will I have to do in the 90 days?
Answer: You are required to complete 2 community service events with your classmates, conduct a fundraiser, complete a riders training class with the club road captains and get to know club members and club history before you are issued full membership into the club.

9.       Question: I don’t ride a sport bike can I still join?
Answer: Yes, our club is open to all riders.  We have several members that own cruisers.  We welcome all motorcycle riders.

10.   Question: What do I need to do now to join?
Answer: Go to the contact page and send an email, send a message to our facebook page,  or request to be added to the text list by sending a text that says “I’m interested in joining 317 Ryders M/C” with your name,  to 317-250-2581 and you will be sent a text on the next new membership meeting..

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send a message to our contact us page.  We love feedback so please sign our guest book and let us know what you think of our site…

Thanks again for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Click below to fill out the application.
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